About AllWheelsBuySell.space

Hello folks, I’m Chad. I am a Car Guy. I’ve only been selling cars for about 4-5 years now but in that time I’ve worked for many dealerships and have gained lots of experience from each one along the way.

I consider myself an above average Salesman. I think I’ve only been at the top of the board maybe once in all that time. I have struggled every month that I’ve been in the business…so, trust me, I get it. We all know there are NO easy days in Car Sales….and THAT is why I made this site…it is specifically designed for Car Guys and Girls just like us.

My idea was to keep this listing website as cheap and easy as possible because I KNOW you’d all rather be scoring that quick phone pop or calling that fresh up that just turned the corner on to your lot. Not to mention saving as much money as possible so that you can be the guy who buys the donuts for the team at the next weekly meeting or the Costco pizzas for lunch that day. However, nothing is free in this world and if you’re in any kind of Sales then you know that you have to spend money to make money. That’s just the way the game is played.

I have personally tried to post cars on other sites such as FB Marketplace and the other pay-for sites (you know the ones I’m talking about) but the Marketplace has WAY too many auto-bot censors blocking and deleting your work for no real reasons whatsoever. And let’s be honest, no regular Car Guy can afford to post on those other pay-for sites because with all the cars that you need to post, they’re all just way too expensive. The reason why these sites don’t work for real Car Guys is because they are NOT run by Car Guys…dig?

Eventually with the profits I make from this site, I’d like to donate to Veterans’ causes, being a Veteran myself (Navy), as well as to private K-12 Education causes such as Private Schools and Tutoring organizations. I also believe in supporting local organizations who are always in near desperate need for Volunteers such as Humane Societies, Boys & Girls clubs, City Parks and Recs, and YWCA Women’s Shelters.

So, have a ball listing on this page and lets ALL make LOTS of money together while ALSO helping out our local communities in doing it, okay?

Lastly, Subscribers/Memberships really do matter in the online world because I can use those numbers to pitch to advertisers, which will, in turn, for YOUR purposes, keep listing prices forever as low as possible, okay? I want to keep this site so that Non-Members can also list but it’s the Members who will really be the ones that count in the long run…so, PLEASE, create a Membership, because it will benefit everyone.

Thank you for listing here and contributing to this effort.

Chad 🙂