Free Ad Placement for 2 FULL WEEKS! is brand new and we’d like to grow it fast. Therefore, we are offering FREE business ad placement for 2 FULL WEEKS. You get to choose your spot on the site (as long as it’s still available, of course) so it’s first-come-first-serve for the premium spots. We assume that if you’re placing an ad on the site, then you are probably also actually using and sharing it with your inventory links on social media and through your CRM, etc. For the FREE placements, we only ask that you subscribe, AT A MINIMUM, to the 100 listings (your cars) for 45 days package, at the renewal rate of only $59.99 (or for FREE if you have a FREE Coupon Code).

All ad spots will revert back to their respective Ad Spot prices after the Free two weeks, or under a normal circumstance without purchasing a Listing Package.

Ad spot prices are the following:

1. $500/week – Top Large Ad Spots – These are the huge block spots at the top of each page on the site. There are 2 of them.

2. $200/week – Bottom Large Ad Spots – These are the huge block spots at the bottom of the Home – Featured Vehicles page only. These Ad Spots are virtually unlimited.

3. $150/week – Top Sidebar Ad Spots – These are the smaller spots on the top of the sidebar area above the “Most Viewed Listings” block on the individual vehicle listing pages. There are 5 of these Ad Spots.

4. $100/week – Bottom Sidebar Ad Spots – These are the smaller spots below the “Most Viewed Listings” on the sidebar of the individual vehicle listing pages. These Ad Spots are virtually unlimited.

5. $250/week – Footer Ad Spots – These are the 4 blocks (across) at the bottom of website on all of the pages. Technically these Ad Spots are unlimited but given load conditions, for now, they are limited to 12 max.

All of these ad spots are permanently fixed for a full 7 days, which is really unheard of, in terms of showing duration, on a website. The degree of online exposure is completely impossible to estimate but very high. They will be changed over from week to week on Wednesdays within the 6pm-12am (midnight) timeframe. It’s first come first serve, however payment must be made by 5pm on Wednesday for new ads.

All ad banners, links, messages, etc. to be included in the ad are provided by the individual business (you) themselves. We do not create ad banners or give advice or consulting on advertising. All ads will obvoiusly be reviewed for appropriate content. There are no guarantees that every ad will be accepted. Please no Adult (pornography) material, is a family friendly website.

Please contact us at for more information. is by far the fastest, easiest to use, and least expensive way to flash/share your car dealership’s inventory out on social media and that’s exactly what it was created and designed for. Feel free to use any current listing on this site to test it for yourself. In this way, you as the Listing Agent, are not inprisoned to the restrictions of how to list on those other sites, but only need to simply copy and paste the link for any listing from out to social media, and it’s done.

We consider to be a win-win-win for all business partners involved, and we are very excited about its future, as well as the highly profitible benefit to you, our Users.