ISO Social Media Influencers to side-gig in the Car Business as “Bird Dogs”- $100+ per sold car!!!

I’m in the car business and I’m looking to build a team of 4-5 go getters and social media gunslingers who want to make side gig money in the car business as listing agents. We’ll be using a proven marketing technique called “Piggyback Marketing” to create demand.

This is not a job or a job offer, it is also not a scam. EVERY Car Dealership in North America has a Referral Program and you’re welcome to call them yourself and ask so you know this is real.

So, I’m looking for 4-5 guys who just get it and want in. I will do all the talking with the dealerships and all you have to do is list cars (on this site) and play on social media all day, which I’m sure you’re already doing anyway.

Let me know if you’re interested but I can’t bring on more than 5 people, so that will fill up fast!!

For more info on how it works, click HERE