Tips and Tricks for listing cars on

You are probably not going to WANT to read all of this but, hey, it’s only your money we’re talking about here, right?

So go get some milk and cookies and dig in. (formerly Tips and Tricks for listing vehicles for both Sales Pros and independent Listing Agents

This is a list that I will surely continue to add to but these are some of the most important key points of listing vehicles online, as well as to how to maximize both your online selling exposure by using the really cool features that I created in designing specifically for independent Auto Listing Agents (a.k.a. Bird Dogs) and “Car Guys” who know their profession very well.

1. USE SOCIAL MEDIA! (But be careful about OVERUSING it)

Become your own Businesses Development Center!

Not that I want you to think I’m yelling at you but THIS is the New Game in Car Sales. Your Dealership is a huge thing with lots of working parts. And as a Salesperson, whether you’re at the top of the food chain and getting spooned by the command, or the new guy who has to be told what a “discount” is (yep, that was me once), you can create leads for yourself by listing cars online and THEN linking them out on Social Media. I mean that’s the whole point with actually. This is literally WHY I created this site in the first place.

READ THIS! ==> Let me be clear, I didn’t create this site, way back when, so that OTHERS could use it, I created it for ME. For whatever reason, I could see the future on this before most did and I understood what the New Game was and what it was going to become. I tried listing cars myself on all the sites you probably already know of, but they all became either way too expensive, or were way too restricting, or just plain unreliable. The other “Classifieds” sites just don’t understand what Car Guys need in a listing site. How can any real Sales Pro trust a site to list cars on when people are also listing toasters, lawn mowers, and lingerie on it? So, yeah, no, they don’t get it. There is absolutely NO WAY that the creators of those other sites have ever SOLD CARS. lol

In fact, let me share a quick story about what angrily prompted me to create I once listed nearly my whole inventory (about 100 cars) on FB Marketplace while I worked at a big Dealership, and then, out of no-where, and for no given reason whatsoever, within a few hours, FB just simply banned about 70 of them, and all that work was completely lost. I don’t know about you, but I HATE losing, and I’ve been pissed over that to this day.

So, it was right after that that I learned how to make websites and created….for me….and now for you. You could even say that is my revenge against FB Marketplace…kinda joking, not joking. Imagine all that time that I could have been taking ups or answering the phone?

…yeah, that’s my money we’re talking about there.

Never again.

I also basically drafted others to list for me and I would pay them. I lived near a college so I posted ads on the college job board for students to list, which did kinda work for a while, but then, of course, it got expensive because I had to pay them the Minimum Wage and the whole point was to MAKE money not LOSE money. Lol I then put ads on Craigslist to draft people to list for me to make Referral “Bird Dog” money, which is basically what is for now, but the problem with that at the time was that the people who answered those ads weren’t knowledgeable about Car Sales, so I ended up having to waste so much time teaching them basically how to sell cars. So most of them just more or less quit on me, or just thought the Referral game was BS. And even still, we had to deal with all the other listing problems that I’ve previously mentioned. So it just didn’t work.

So I designed to FIX all of those problems. And now YOU can BENEFIT and PROFIT from my hard knocks, painful lessons learned, and unbelievable number of hours spent in creating this website.

And ALSO now makes Referral “Bird Dog” online independent Listing Agents an actual thing…not to be feared…widely understood to be profitable…and, most importantly….not BS.

Lastly, don’t OVERUSE it in terms of spamming the heck out of people’s individual Buy & Sell pages. They all have rules and most have spamming rules. In fact, the social media sites themselves have rules for spamming so it’s no joke. I would recommend only posting 2-3 cars on any one Buy & Sell page on any social media site. Facebook is probably the harshest one with enforcing their rules on spamming and your whole account could get deleted by them for breaking these spamming rules….so…less is more.

Just be careful about overdoing it….word to the wise.

2. Cover up or edit/blacken out any Dealership logos or signs in your pictures.

So you’re looking at the back end of that truck above but you probably didn’t even notice that the dealership plastic license plate dealership advertising inserts was blackened out (by my buddy, Patton, actually. See his example listing below in Tip 5). This NEEDS to be done for your listings. If you are either an independent Listing Agent or if you are an actual Dealership Sales Professional, it’s never going to be in your best interest to include any Dealership signs or logos in your listings. This is probably the most important thing that you can learn in listing cars online to capture leads. There are two main reason for it. One, different Governing regions (States, Counties, Provinces, Cities, etc.) have differing laws on how Dealerships can advertise online, so you never want to get anyone in trouble because of your stupidity, okay? The idea of any Sales gig is to build and maintain Trust with your customers and any seasoned Sales Pro will tell you that TRUST is the real currency of Humanity. The second reason, which is also equally important, is that if you don’t cover up or edit out any Dealership logos or signs, then potential buyers are either going to call directly to the Dealership, and you’ll then lose that lead for yourself, or they’ll actually go to the Dealership to look and, again, chances are you’ll lose that lead. So, the idea is for them to contact YOU here on for any information on the car they’re interested in.

READ THIS! ==> And for Pete’s sake, DO NOT just relist a Dealership’s actual URL link for a car on your Social Media! Lol …if you do that then you completely negate ANY potential for YOU to make money and all you’re really doing is just giving the WHOLE Dealership FREE ADVERTISING! Lol …I’m laughing because I’ve seen guys do this…a lot…it’s so ridiculous. Lol

2a. I designed SPECIFICALLY so that anyone listing cars can remain absolutely anonymously, if they want to. So, if you have any kind of worries about internet safety, you literally don’t even have to use your real name when you register. Most folks in Sales will absolutely want their names and contact information to get out there in the world, but if you’re interested in just being a regular Joe in the neighborhood who wants to make Dealership Referral money, then there’s no real reason for you to use your real name anyway. Maybe you’ll have your reasons but as the designer of the website, that’s not for me to say, nor is it any of my businesses to care about that stuff, actually.

3. It might be better to have many rotating smaller packages continuing from week to week than one larger package, depending on your inventory.

So, all the listings auto-delete, therefore you will never need to worry about taking them down when a car sells or isn’t for sell anymore. I designed them like this because it would be a huge hassle to have to worry about then DELETING cars after you listed them, right? So, you basically just list-and-forget, then wait for leads to come your way. And if you’re a real Sales Pro, then, even if the car they wanted was gone, you’d show them other cars in your inventory and basically just create a new Needs Assessment of what they’re looking for, right? Most Dealerships can just go out to the auctions in real time and purchase a car for a customer anyway, so why not leave the cars listed on the website even if they are already sold and no longer in your inventory?

Therefore, I structured the Listing Packages to be more like a rotating group of packages and you would just pay individually for each package with a new registration, etc. For instance, the cheapest package is $5.95 for 30 days, but it’s only for 15 cars. Obviously you’re going to want to list more. But if you have, say, four accounts going, rotating, from, say, every Monday to every Sunday, and you list 15 cars every Monday, which is usually the slowest sales day of your week, then you will always have fresh cars up to sell, that will then eventually all just auto-delete after 30 days from that week’s listing package purchase. So every week, you’d have 15 new cars to list, while the 15 cars you listed 30 days ago from that package just auto-deleted…does that makes sense?

And of course that goes for any package, but it’ll be up to you, and always depend on how many cars you would have regularly in your Dealership’s specific inventory.

This is basically what makes very different than any other listing site out there because you aren’t purchasing single listings, but actual whole listing packages as a subscription service. So, they just roll on from one month to the other and you don’t ever have to worry about purchasing new packages from month to month (unless you want to). And, obviously, if you want to delete your account you’re totally welcome to do that too, or you can upgrade an existing account to a larger package. Bottom line is that the subscription package design for listing cars is absolutely perfect for Car Guys because they make YOUR LIFE so much EASIER.

4. Get to know and learn how to work with other Sales Pros from competing Dealerships because you can hook each other up with “bird dogs”.

You can do this tip without having anything to do with listing cars on but learn to work with other Sales Pros at other Dealerships. Yes, I’m talking about your competition. If you absolutely cannot get your customer into a car, then maybe your new buddy at the other Dealership down the street does, so you talk him up and send him there, and your buddy sends you the “bird dog” (Car Guy speak for Referral). Man, if you’re not doing this, then you’re definitely losing in the game, trust me. It’s SO money, AND you build TRUSTING (there’s that word again) relationships with other Sales Pros and our beloved Customers. Check out this guy’s page (see link below) on “bird dogs”, he really gets it.

(Click on this picture. It’s a link, not an ad)

READ THIS! ==> But, okay, NOW, in REGARDS to, Bird Dogging is absolutely OFF THE HOOK!

…because NOW you’re Bird Dogging on literally a GLOBAL SCALE!!

Just let that one sit on you for a minute………

4a. Bump (tip) your Listing Agents a little more than the Dealership Referral pays. Look, everyone in Sales works for bonuses, right? If you’re in Food Service, then you probably work almost exclusively for tips because of your terrible salary. It’s the same thing. I know Car Sales can be some tough work financially from month to month (it almost made me homeless once, no joke lol…that’s what any addiction does to you though, right? lol), but you have to grease the palm that serves you…you just do…tips and bonuses are what keeps this big wheel turning. If you’ve got great and Trusting relationships with people, then help each other other, because that’s all that bonuses and tips are anyway.

4b. Set up scales, if you like. For instance if the Referral money at your Dealership is only $100 and you only made a mini (Car Guy talk for there-is-no-commission-in-the-car-but-the-dealership-still-paid-the-Sales person-a small “mini”-for-doing-their-job), then, okay, maybe you don’t tip the guy that time, but if you managed a 8 pounder on a deal (hey, who hasn’t done that before?), then geez, give your Listing Agent an extra $200-$300 bonus, maybe, eh? We all joke around and like to claim that we’re greedy but there is really never a need to sell out your long game for pennies made on the short game, okay?

Also, if you’re the Listing Agent, in this case, then ALWAYS be grateful if your Salesperson tips you extra for a sold lead that you provided. That greedy game works both ways, my friend. At the end of the day, you are never going to know how much commission was made on any lead that you presented, so it’s no use to ever even worry about that. Again, just be forever grateful and keep the mutually profitable relationship going.

6. Here is a current link to a Listing Agent who used to work with me selling cars here in Western WA that you can use as an example. has actually been up and running (more or less) for almost a year now (so since August of 2019) but the only people using it were basically a few local guys near here and basically only just using local Social Media Buy & Sell pages to get their listings to potential Buyers. Patton’s an old hand and he’s just a really likable guy, and a trusted partner, so I give him free coupon codes (I’m always changing them, of course) to list every month.

Again, Sales is about Trusting Relationships.

When the COPPA 2020 update crap happened a few months ago (it’s June 2020 as I’m writing this) it totally bugged out my site so anyone who was listing kinda dropped away and most all the cars auto-deleted (some I did make permanent for promotional purposes). And of course the COVID 19 virus thing was happening and all that scary crap. Anyway, Patton’s pretty skilled at this Listing Agent stuff by now so he’s a pretty good “go to” as well on information, and he’s allowed me to more or less pimp him out on this Tips and Tricks page. He’s a Salesman, so he loves the opportunity to make a new friend, of course.

I like his listing in that link above because it’s simple, so…

6a. Keep It Simple ..Silly.

K.I.S.S. – Can’t say this enough as a Listing Agent. First of all, it’ll just speed up your time in actually putting the listings up on any given day. So, just think like Forrest Gump here…”One less thing”. I only mandated (with the red stars in the listing fields) about 4-5 most important fields (Make, Model, Model Year, etc.) but chose to create all the other fields that the other guys have too just in case anyone wants to use them. And, look, I don’t know everything. You run your business the way you want…that’s the whole point, actually. But generally speaking, your whole goal is to get fast online Social Media exposure for your cars, so the quicker you get them up, the better. It’ll be less work and less boring as well. And you also kinda want buyers to contact you to ask you questions anyway. That’s how leads are generated and Sales are converted into deals….can’t say this enough…give people a reason to build a relationship with you and make a friend (or, I like to say, make an ally). Everything in Sales is about Trusting Relationships.

…learn it, live it, love it.

5b. Same idea with the pics. I say less is more. Crop them if needed. I’ve used Microsoft’s Snippet program to do it, or Snip & Sketch. These programs are already on your PC with Windows (not sure about Macs) anyway. Again, just K.I.S.S. And you can also blacken out any of the Dealership logos and license ad plates (man, what the heck are those things called? lol) with these programs/apps. This will be the hardest actual thing you’ll have to do with listing cars, honestly. But, no pain, no gain, right?

It’s your money.

Okay, that’s it for now, but I’m sure to put up more Tips and Tricks over time. Also, if any of you out there would like to contribute to this page, just send me an email and let’s become allies, eh?

– Chad 🙂